About Notes from the Field

Women for Women International could not provide direct financial and emotional support to women living on the margins of hope without the backing of a global community of dedicated staff, volunteers, generous donors, supporters and friends.

We work in multiple areas, including Rwanda, Sudan, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Afghanistan. During the many years we have worked in those areas, we have also made every effort to visit our Country offices and the women in the program. Their stories are what keep us going every day and their strength and perseverance inspires us.

After many shared trips, photographs, and stories with each other, we were inspired to share them with our supporters. Candid moments, harrowing stories, and amazing triumphs will hopefully spill from our memories on to these pages. We hope they inspire you as they have us.

Thank you for your continued support.


7 responses to “About Notes from the Field

  1. Eve Sobol

    I was delighted to find Notes from the Field in my mailbox today. Although a long time supporter, I know that your blogs will make me feel a lot more connected to the program. Thank you for deciding to send these stories out to us.

  2. Juno-Ann Clarke

    Dear Nicole: I read your wonderful notes from the field about Rwanda and DRC. I was not able to visit Christine and my sister in DRC the last time I was in Rwanda, but your notes brought everything alive and back to me so that the next time I am in Gisenyi, i will go across to Goma and maybe even to Bakuvu. We just ran short of time in Rwanda with all the projects we were doing and the road to Cuyangugu across lake Kivu from Bakuvu is a ten hour drive from Gisenyi. The women in these two countries stole my heart and are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Kelsey Menehan

    Thank you for these notes…I am moved to do something.

  4. I wish the trips sponsored by Women for Women were more prominent on the website — or at least easy to find! I know there’s an upcoming trip to Rwanda but a search on this site yielded no results. I think for those of us considering sponsoring — to do this in conjunction with travel through WfW would be such a good way to donate and participate. I’d love it if you’d considering putting trip announcements somewhere on your home page.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I have been a supporter of Women for Women for awhile now, and the women you help hold a special place in my heart.

  6. Hi,

    I’m a student journalist in Kosovo working for KosovaLive this summer. I’m interested in getting Nora Russell’s contact information to talk to her more about her experience here with women’s education, since that is one of my focus areas.

    • wfwnotesfromthefield


      Thanks for your note. Please email supportuk@womenforwomen and your note will be directed to the appropriate person.

      =WfWI Web Team

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