Afghan Women’s Progress – Sweeta Noori, Country Director of Afghanistan

The fact that women are making significant progress in some parts of Afghanistan is good news that confirms our own experience in the country.

The province of Bamian will benefit from women taking on new roles as breadwinners, peacekeepers and government leaders; indeed, the area’s relative stability indicates that it already has. In many other areas the change is far less visible and comes in small but significant steps, with women learning skills and finding opportunities to support their families.

But we cannot let these encouraging developments overshadow the life-threatening dearth of health care, education and basic human rights for the majority of Afghan women. Stabilizing Afghanistan must include teaching women how to read and write, develop sources of income and become more active in public life.

Bamian shows that change is possible, even in the most challenging environments.


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One response to “Afghan Women’s Progress – Sweeta Noori, Country Director of Afghanistan

  1. That’s right, Bamian is a symbol of progress for women with a woman police officer and a woman governor. Barakat works to provide education and empower women through education and literacy programs in Faryab and Jowzjan. See our work at

    Great work in your Afghanistan programs and keep up the updates!

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